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United States of America
Jacksonville, Fl
United States of America
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Rob J Knight AKA "KJROCK" is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Rob J Knight's main instrument is the guitar and Boss RC-300 looper.
"KJ ROCK" is my name on I love to play classic rock, soul and blues. I also throw in a few songs that are a little more recent as well as an original here and there.
My main focus is bringing the essence and energy of a song back to life through intuitive looping.
I have played in several different bands over the years. My most recent being a project here in Jacksonville where I played in a trio. I was the guitarist/bassist/keyboardist, performing all parts live on my looper.
Once that project was done I went solo and began performing online right here on Streetjelly.
I have listened to and played lots of songs so my list stretches across several genres.
Please send any song requests to and i will do my best to learn it and loop it.....
Please feel free to sit back and enjoy my shows.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Embarrassing Moment

I once forgot to replace the 9 volt battery in my acoustic right before a show..Left the stupid thing plugged in after a soundcheck and watched the opening act play forever before I realized I didn't have a spare battery..I had to perform the gig with a mic in front of the guitar.

My Instrument

I play a variety of guitars and I have several of them. My main instruments are my Carvin SH 65 (the woody telecaster that I play most of the time) and my Godin LGSX (ill show it to you next time i use it ;).
I use looping technology pretty much all of the time here on streetjelly. All of my backing tracks were created on the Boss RC 300 looper and I manipulate the controls in real time to make it sound as interesting as possible.
My effects are performed through the Boss ME 70 and Eventide Time Factor.

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