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JuanViolin | Nothing will stop me from playing my violin
Uruguay, Canelones
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Hi guys, Im Juan Im 28 and Im learning to play violin. I've been taking classes for about 3 years. I was turned into violin playing through Irish music so I got myself a cheap violin and started taking lessons. Of course it was no good lol. Hopefully a year after buying my first violin I was awarded a scholarship to work and study in the US. During that experience I had the pleasure of meeting Fiddlerman and I took a step forward and bought the concert master violin which i currently play on. I love all sorts of music yet slow airs are my passion. I know you can express everything through the violin regardless of the style you play but for me slow music gets to my heart. One day I hope i can play in the local orchestra here ... long term goal ..... :D
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The moment when you are playing a long note solo and your bow bounces!!!!!! Or when you think you are playing in tune and you are making it worse lol.