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Ju Veal | Smooth Acoustic Pop 'n Soul Balladeer
Ju Veal
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United States of America
Indianapolis, Indiana
United States of America
  • Rhythm
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More About Ju Veal

Independent self publishing guitarist singer songwriter; I study industry trends in American music. Julius "Julio" Veal is a solo dinner /resort/ casino show performance veteran. current sound is guitar, voice and groove. I do my style and techniques to preserve a vanishing part of our culture here in America. True Soul Music is seldom explained and identified by the inventors and roots purveyors of the genre. "Rock 'N Soul" is a root form of what typifies urban America'. I was born into the music styles I deliver . My parental roots are from the Mississippi Delta. The R&B session guitarists of the 70's and 80's are the influence of my style. what I do now is rare and vanishing fast. I hope my presence here adds to a peaceful journey in life for all who pause and listen. Visit me often, Thank you
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I never had too many wild moments but many many memorable moments, the most memorable moment was in Toronto Ontario, at the Spadina Station where there's a long walking tunnel to the next train loading area. My favorite song early in the morning was "Don't Worry Be Happy". I believe in the medicinal and healing power of music and it was confirmed by a lady who gave me $5 and thanked me with tears in her eyes for the right song at the right time. The scariest moment I had was a lady dancing like a whirling dervish with wild hair and tons of beads and bracelets coming at me in this same corridor chanting and laughing out loud; when I stopped playing out of fear, preparing to run, she stopped suddenly and as sane as a news reporter told me "Its the winter solstice" and to keep playing. (No tip as I recall) I went into "Easy Like Sunday Morning" to calm the voices that seemed to be in her head. (LOL) She was right however it was the day of winter solstice. She scared me so bad I left.

Embarrassing Moment

The most embarrassing moment I can remember if I had one at all was being drowned out by a hostile Merengue loving DJ four measures into a dance tune with folk gathering to the dance floor. The DJ was not in favor of me performing for the tourists. Strange form of jealousy on the DJ's part but it taught me to better form my contracts when working in a band situation. Venue manager was not the decision maker. (DJ was owners relative); I left insulted and unpaid.

My Instrument

I refer to my guitar as my bride; post divorce therapy I guess. My first guitar cost me $26.95 on sale at a Western Auto store. I paid for it on layaway with my paper route earnings. It was a Japanese made telstar. I spray painted it deep Yellow and pushed it off at a pawnshop for 10 bucks. My most favorite is the one I have now an Ibanez Talman acoustic electric. It has been liberating to be able to perform and not need electricity. Without this option I could not have busked when life's necessities called upon me to make something happen. I never had good gear and never found sponsorship or family support. My creativity is born out of challenge and adversity. Talent is a gift from the Almighty and I'm happiest when I'm able to share. No one has a monopoly so no matter what the instrument I have to be me and a fan of you.

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