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United States of America
Houston, Texas
United States of America
  • Christian
  • Folk
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Started singing in church choir when in High school. Dad taught me my first three chords when I was a Jr. in H.S. First song came in DEC 75. Recorded 2 CDs and a cassette album of all originals , Praise to God. Anyway, seeking to bless anyone that will hears these songs. If anyone wants to contact me so I can agree with you in prayer, please do so. Maybe we can share scriptures together to build one another up in the faith. God bless you and Jesus loves you.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Haven't performed on the streets yet, don't remember; Just in churches, outside under a park pavilion. Christian coffee houses

Embarrassing Moment

I was on stage playing acoustic guitar with my wife in the audience. I was looking at the lyric sheet on the music stand when all of a sudden, a young girl sneaks up behind me and gives me a hug while I'm singing and playing a song. I don't know how that happened; I wasn't even drinking! I was very embarrassed about that.

My Instrument

I play acoustic and electric guitar with harmonica and have played bass guitar for about 5 years. I play mostly rythym but a little lead and some piano. Started out on trumpet in grade school.