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JoshuaBelliardo | Independent 18 year old singer/songwriter
United States of America
Spokane, Washington
United States of America
  • Pop
  • Folk
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More About JoshuaBelliardo

I'm a 18 year old multi genre musician trying to grow a fan-base and get somewhere with my music. I've been playing my ukulele and writing songs for a year now. This is my Youtube Link:

And here is my Facebook music page if anyone would like to 'like' it or contact me.

Thanks! - Joshua Belliardo
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Embarrassing Moment

On my 2nd show (for my Pop/folk style music) I was in the first verse of my original song "I'm not okay" when I suddenly forgot the words to my song.. So I stopped and said "Uhh, I totally just forgot the words to that song.. Oh well.. It happens to everyone"

The funniest part is that before I went to perform at that show, I practiced all my songs..

Except "I'm not okay" haha :P

My Instrument

The only instrument I really take an interest in, and really focus on is my Ukulele
I have a Pono-AT ukulele, and I've had her for a little while, I've named her "Bailey".
I really like the Ukulele because it gives a different flavor to my music, as Guitar is obviously a more popular choice, I like the reaction when people say "You play a ukulele?"

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