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United States of America
Louisville, Kentucky
United States of America
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More About Joel_Curtis

Joel Curtis was born and raised in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan. At 15 he taught himself to play guitar and shortly after that started writing his own songs and performing them at church and in local coffeehouses. In his 20s, Joel took a lengthy hiatus from songwriting to take a degree in physics from Michigan State University. After his studies, he started writing songs again and sharing them with the world. He is now living in Louisville, Kentucky and loving every minute of it.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Embarrassing Moment

My most embarrassing moment came when I was a finalist in the 2017 Songwriter's Serenade songwriting competition in Moravia, TX. After losing the competition, I was called to join the other contestants for a final bow. On my way up the steps to the stage, I tripped and had to catch myself with my hands. I recovered as smoothly as I could and pretended it never even happened. ICE IN MY VEINS!

My Instrument

The guitar I learned on - and wrote my first songs on - was a gorgeous Takamine that had been lying around my parent's house for some time. The guitar had belonged to my Mom's brother, but he couldn't play anymore after suffering a car crash that left him largely paralyzed. Every once in a while my Dad would pick it. As a beginner, it kind of became my guitar. But I have one now that is all my own, and I left that one in the care of my Dad.

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