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United States of America
Naples, FL
United States of America
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Jim Michalski started playing guitar at the age of 8 after working to deliver newspapers to buy one. After about 5 years of lessons i stopped playing having discovered sports and being quite good at them. However once i reached high school, i wasnt quite as tall as i was before and a center who cant jump and has bad hips doesnt go far in basketball, so i picked up the guitar again. Started writing and performing with a friend at bonfires and around friends porches, we were nicknamed the Porchdawgs. We busked our butts off in Grateful Dead parking lots honing our craft, but then adulthood intruded and i moved 1100 miles away. Once i got to Florida i startd playing open mics and picked up a slot in a duo formerly known as Loathing Self-Praise now know as Pyrate Voodoo. Kids and hip surgery took me away from that, but i still sit in on occassion, if you live in the Naples, FL area check Gregg and Tony out, they bring the heat!! Influences range from Dylan, The Dead to The Smiths. Rock on!
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