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JennyLi123 | let me sing a song about you!
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United States of America
atlanta ga
United States of America
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More About JennyLi123

Let me sing a song for you. Tell me a subject and your name and lets have fun. Hopefully I can bring a smile to your face. Please donate and bring a smile to my face:)

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

The 1st time I ever sang was at a black jazz and r&b gay club in Atlanta, several months ago. I decided that if I am going to sing, the Asian overachiever wants to sing Whitney Houston. Even Whitney had to start somewhere right? I went on stage with the mic after a handful of soulful talented church choir singing artists belted their hearts out and nothing would come out. My voice was totally gone.Then suddenly my voice was restored and I sang like an angel. Just kidding- I had experienced stage fright, and forgot all the lyrics.

I have a reason to be severely and irrationally over-confidant. Before that, I played my 1st cover gig with a band that had a sound guy to make me sound WAY better than I was. At that point, I had only been in the music game for 3 weeks and I told a prominent cover band that I could indeed play the bass, even though I had no experience. I practiced for 3 days straight. It was awesome; crowd of 300 or so. Felt like a rockstar for a night. God bless sound guy

Embarrassing Moment

I busked for a day in long beach, and one guy gave me money not to sing.

My Instrument

My fave instrument is the one I have yet to discover. I am in love with all instruments; each tells a different story. Its like asking for your fave food. I honestly do not have one; there are too many good ones to choose just one!