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Jeff_Krumholt | Baton Rouge Balladeer
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United States of America
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
United States of America
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Jeff Krumholt aka Jeff Tully aka brfireman is a singer/songwriter from Louisiana. He grew up listening to mostly country,folk and easy listening music. He has performed many concerts online and a few in his area.
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Life on the Street

I'll have to work on this one.

Embarrassing Moment

I remember the first time I played live in front of a crowd. My friend and great musician Nelson Blanchard gave me the stage at a club where he was performing. I was so scared that while I sitting on a stool trying to sing and play the leg started jumping...making it difficult to play the guitar. I managed to finish but it was scary and embarrassing at the same time.

My Instrument

Taylor 110ce

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