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GuitarGrrrl | GrrrlGuitarist - indie/alt/gypy rock!
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United States of America
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More About GuitarGrrrl

Hello. My name is Meria of Haunted Gypsy--indie/alternative/psycho-psychedelic/gypsy rock! i play a variety of guitar styles. Diverse influences include Mozart, Beethoven, Nirvana,Hole, Metallica, Evanescense and just about everything that's guitar-oriented and a little weird or offbeat.

Heck, you tell me what my influences are. I call my style indie/alternative gypsy rock. What style do you hear?
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Well... There was the time I was playing in a coffee shop on a hot summer evening. A woman who was standing outside walked into the shop, walked up to me and started singing into my mic, then she grabbed my throat...

I don't think she intended to strangle me, but she sure was drunk. I think she may have intended to pat me on the arm but lost her balance and got the neck instead.

Anyhow, I survived, as you can see here.

Embarrassing Moment

See above.

My Instrument

I don't have names for any of my guitars, but wait. One of my guitars is called Takamine.