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G_Williams | Well, Hello!!!!
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United States of America
Casper, WY
United States of America
  • Rock
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More About G_Williams

Hey, My name is Garrett Williams and I am new to performing. I have constantly played alone and judged myself. I would enjoy growing as a performer and the first step is to perform. I hope to gain some positive feedback and improve my playing. StreetJelly and its listeners seem like a great place to start. I hope to gain a lot of experience and make some friends. Thanks for the chance and I am looking forward to this :).
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I have performed in front of friends and the occasional wandering neighbor. I have yet to have a formal public performance. So my moments have yet to happen

Embarrassing Moment

I have an embarrassing moment almost everyday lol, i tend to just be easy going and go with the flow. I often forget lyrics and improvise when that occurs. It is embarassing yet happens more often than i would like.

My Instrument

My first instrument was an alto sax and then moved on from there. I joined choir in High School and learned to love the sound of the voice. I and still learning and my current line up of guitars include a Gibson j-45, an American Fender Strat, Gibson sg standard, Ibanez Sa series guitar, Gibson Les Paul Standard, and a Gibson ES-335. I play through Orange and Vox amps, and sing through a fender pa system when i need the extra sound