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United States of America
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The name Fyre Wyte derives from my real name, Kandice. In 4th Century Ethiopian Queens it means "Brilliantly White." Fire can be both relaxing and Chaotic, I too share these qualities. Like a Phoenix I burn only to rise again, each time finding myself in a new way. It is in this that I believe I have many different Genres yet to be written inside of me. If you decide to stay you will feel the many different emotions coming out of me. Everything I do is original. I am a being who will collaborate with anyone or anything as long as we leave a trail of passion and enlightenment.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

My Instrument

The truth..... I never wanted to play an instrument. It took me 10 years to keep a guitar in my hands for long enough to do something with it. I ended up getting tired of singing ballads among the trees. I amnow capable of making music with the guitar but what you will hear will be much different than when I am "hands free."