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Fuzzy Steve | Professional (recovering) Music- new and used
Fuzzy Steve
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United States of America
Cincinnati Ohio
United States of America
  • Rock
  • Blues
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More About Fuzzy Steve

Stephen Brashear: One time Hollywood hyphen (Musician- cab driver; all musicians are cab drivers. Actors can act like they care about you enough to be waiters) returning to the world after spending ten years dead.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Wrote my first blues song on the beach when Gregory Hines walked up. tore a $100 in half. threw half in my hat and said, "play me some blues". Must've been okay he danced, and I got the other half.

Embarrassing Moment

Playing for Jeff Tysek (Doc Severinson's band trumpet player) and totally messed up the guitar part. Fortunately the number was so experimental no one noticed but him.

My Instrument

My first guitar was a surfer: fell asleep on the beach and when I awoke it was coming in on a wave. I picked it up and it still played, with a slightly saltier sound.

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