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Fiddler Mandy
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United States of America
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More About Fiddler Mandy

Hello! I'm Mandy :)

The fiddle is my first and only instrument. I'm still a beginner, and got my first fiddle July 24, 2015.

I've focused a lot on old time American and Irish fiddling while I figure out this instrument.

It's a fun journey, and working on my live performing here on StreetJelly is part of it! :)
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

No crazy moments, but had some cute ones.

Fiddled at Yankee Peddler (fun local event, where vendors have to be in full 18th century costume) and had some cute connections with a couple little kids. One little boy was about 5, and watched me with a huge smile, and big eyes, like the fiddle was just the most amazing thing ever.

The next weekend at the same festival, a little girl, maybe 2 at most, toddled up in front of me with the biggest smile on her face, leaning back to watch me play. She didn't want to leave.

Watching my aunt play and being so amazed by the fiddle as a tiny toddler is what impressed me and stuck with me my whole life, so maybe somewhere down the road these kids will become fiddlers :)

Embarrassing Moment

Pretty much anytime I'm on StreetJelly... I will always make a mistake and screw up.

My Instrument

My main fiddle is a 2018 Royce Burt Amati, named Forest... Well it arrived right in time for the first day of fall, so it's really Autumn Forest, but Forest ;)

...and time to time my 80-ish year old German trade fiddle, Gramps, will make an appearance, but he's picky and prefers playing outside in public.

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