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FiJaPAW | Jasmine Reese, Violinist and Adventurer
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Nomad, Earth
United States of America
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More About FiJaPAW

I began violin at age 14. Always lacking in confidence due to the late start, I never went all in to pursue my dream of becoming a professional violinist. Instead, I settled for the "secure" path. Unhappy with my major in college and career path, I set off on a bicycle across the U.S. with my doggy, Fiji. We met a ton of interesting people and musicians! I learned patience and perseverance (never give up; don't stop pedaling), and I fell in love with the nomadic lifestyle. Reinvigorated, the violin dream--that never died--came back full force. In 2016, I took off on my bicycle again. This time, I plan to go around the world with Fiji and my violin. I intend to meet musicians in over 47 countries, learning from them and sharing those experiences with you. My music school is the road; it boasts hundreds of professors. I hope my adventures serve as a resource and inspiration to you. Let’s accomplish our dreams together. (My performances on StreetJelly fund my ride.) ~ Jasmine Reese
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

My first solo busking experience occurred while crossing Canada. I was in Hope, B.C. with a bicycle, dog, and the violin. I sat in a local park, nervous to my core. took out my violin and began to play Ashokan Farewell. I made about $45.00 in 15 mins, and the nerves dissipated as I received some compliments on my playing.

Embarrassing Moment

I do not know how to improvise. I was giving a talk at a bicycle club meeting when a guitarist showed up and requested I play along with him. I was so out of my element and the audience could definitely tell. LOL, It was experiences like that which made me further pursue my love of written classical music and know when to say no to performing music I am not going to do any justice to!

My Instrument

I play the violin. I currently travel with a Fiddlerman Soloist Violin.

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