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Hi, my name is Robin Swan, and I've been singing and playing music in some form or another my entire life.

I started playing piano by ear at age 4, took my first lesson at age 6, and continued those lessons until I was 19.

Also learned guitar along the way, with a mix of lessons and self teaching. Then later added banjo and fiddle, both of which I'm self taught.

I've mostly focused on the fiddle for the past many years, but still love all of my musical instruments.

I look forward to performing here on Street Jelly, as well as meeting all of you.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Embarrassing Moment

Sometimes you have to improvise!

Years ago, one of the bands I knew played New Year's eve at a local popular country bar.
At the beginning of the evening they made me promise I would come up and give them all a hug after midnight.

So as soon as they finished Auld Lang Syne, I hopped up on stage, and starting making my rounds to everyone. When I reached the other side, there was an open mic waiting for me. This was their sneaky way to invite me to sing with them, and they went right into the next set.

No problem, I was familiar with their list, what could go wrong right?

Well, I didn't know the 2nd song in, and struggled to even make backup vocals look good.
A few bars into this thing I had glanced back at the drummer, who signaled to look behind me. And there on one of the equipment shelves was a roll of duct tape. So I picked it up and started playing it like a tambourine.

In the end - we had fun, the crowd had fun, and no one noticed that anything was amiss.

My Instrument

My fiddle is an FM Soloist, and my banjo is a Gold Tone Orange Blossom 250.

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