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Fabio Santangelo | The World of Synthesizer
Fabio Santangelo
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Vigevano, PV
  • Instrumental
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More About Fabio Santangelo

Fabio Santangelo was born in Foggia, in the first half of 1979 and suddenly it has been love for music. Since his childhood he demonstrated a huge passion for music and interest for piano, until he started taking lessons from a Maestro who introduced him to Eric Clapton's Blues. A revelation. Since then he never stopped. The Blues went under his skin. Fabio IS the Blues. He breathes it. His studies lead him to several collaborations that began in 1996 and went on until 2007 with some Gospel Choirs, first in Foggia and then in Vigevano, where he moved later. Since 2011 he is part of the Christian Rock Duo "Dual Sound". Actually engaged with some recording projects of international importance, in February 2016 he started a new collaboration with Lexi FreeSpirit, composing and producing music for the Dark-Rock Singer's Album. Always in 2016 he's been hired by the Cultural Association Artiké as Composer of the Original Sountracks for the Theatrical Show "Via Di Fuga" (Escaple Lane).
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

-My brother's Wedding. While performing "You Raise Me Up" the choir went out of tempo and I was using a backing track. Had to stop the backing and keep on only on piano to recover the mistake. Bro (who is a great blues guitarist) turned at me and winked. Wedding was "kinda" safe!

-Wedding of a couple of friends. They hired me to play at church. Just two days before marriage I had an accident and broke the last two fingers of right hand. They were splinted together and I spent two days training to play keyboard with it. When the day came the groom entered the church and saw me, elegant like never before with this huge splint on right hand and went in panic. I just was like "don't worry mate, trust me!"
After marriage he stated I am "legally insane".

Embarrassing Moment

My official debut at Christian Teen Convention 1995. Very first time on stage, kinda 500 listeners, my Master and Ms Battista, who is one of the most influent figures in Italian Gospel scene and (maybe former) President of Continental Singers Italian Chapter, were both there. I felt like I was under examination. Had to play two songs with my very first keyboard, a Yamaha PSR-4600 for a small choir of teenagers. Got in panic and set wrong tempo for the second song forcing choir to sing fast. Damage was done so I dediced to go on anyways. At the end only my Master noticed the mistake and was like "I taught you everything, no need to teach you more. You saved from a huge mistake and made it work anyways". I was red like a pepper but at the end the proof was good!

My Instrument

-Roland BK-3 (Main Keyboard/Backing Track Playback)
-Roland Juno Di (Secondary Keyboard/Synthesizer)
-Novation Mininova (Vocoder)
-Shure PGA-48 (Microphone)
-Behringer Xenyx 502 (Local Mixer)
-Adobe Audition 3.0 (Recording Software)

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