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Eric_S - Live from Lima!!
“just some tunes” 
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“just some tunes”
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Eric_S | Live from Lima!!
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United States of America
LIma, Ohio
United States of America
  • Folk
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More About Eric_S

My name is Eric Shellenbarger. I got my first guitar when I was ten. I'm one of those guys who grew up on the stage. I think I played in my first bar when I was 15. I've played clubs, proms, festival, etc. In 1977 disco put my band out of business so I spent most of my playing time jamming with other artists.
I was influenced by the whole 1960's musical scene. I enjoy most music except rap. It's too angry for my taste. I bill myself as a folk singer but I'm really a mix of folk, popular, rock and jazz music.
These days I'm most influenced by fingerstyle guitarists like Mark Hanson, Tommy Emmanuel, John Standefer and of course Chet Atkins.
That's a quick bio of me, I hope you enjoy my music!
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I never did any street performing. I'll have to look in to that.

Embarrassing Moment

One night in a club I couldn't remember how a song started. I had to ask the rhythm player to start it. That was 40 years ago and I still see it vividly.

My Instrument

I've had a lot of guitars. I generally trade the old one in for a new one. I currently have a 1974 Les Paul Deluxe that I bought new and will probably never sell. It's kind of my Excalibur. I also have a 2015 Fender Starcaster, a Takamene acoustic and a Martin acoustic which has become my main axe. I've never been one to name my guitars, cars, or houses.

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