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Erald- | kNOPLER's Tributer
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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More About Erald-

Erald studied violin, piano and guitar through childhood but bass became his greatest love in music since participating in the Road Star band.
He sings on stage with his smooth bass and performs entertaining sounds from pop rock as well as disco. Touching ballads and shaking rhythms will bring u alive and closer to the stage.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

When i was trying to setup a new band, one of the guys asked me if i have seen that trio that played on the main musicians street. I simply told him that i was the bassist on that trio but i was wearing a hat so he couldn't remember me :)

Embarrassing Moment

The mistake is the most embarrassing moment for every musician. Thing you always want to forget.

My Instrument

I have always hated my instruments and their names are all in offensive language :)