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No Bio, why? Someone suggest to the musician to fill out an interesting profile. We all want to learn more about them.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

My moments of music / performances. Many years on the road in the country with THE AMSTEL KARAOKE SHOW. as an entertainer. Besides singing in a band that people with disabilities make music. With my friend who plays guitar. And among friends at home. Karaoke leaving home and on invitations clubs.

Embarrassing Moment

My experience was grooste throughout the country Karaoke shows andwith the walk-in relationship with people who have disabilities.

My Instrument


Singing is my passion and it is also an instrument.
Mostly Dutch / English
I do everywhere indoor / outdoor locations.
My music comes Karaoke pvideo player.
Nevertheless I have often sung in a band.

So karaoke and sometimes guitar there of my friends can be great fun with lots of humor.