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DonBrandfas  Guitar Player - Singer/SongWriter

Fallon, Nevada, USA
United States of America  United States of America

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Many years ago I was a Magician... but now I'm into music. And guitars... I've built a few and my # 1 and #2 are MY custom builds, Aside from guitar I also play bass, flute, and lap steel guitar.

Most of my shows will consist of songs from my 2 current and 1 upcoming CDs. I will on ocassion perform a few cover songs that I've taken the time to work on. My material is fairly broad so expect some Rock - Rock a Billy - Blues - Dance and more. And if you have a request, you can email me and I'll try to fit it in (

In my show I will be using a Digitech GNX4 to play drums and all my backup music (all recorded on the GNX4 my ME) a Shure SM58 for vocals and those are plugged into a LunchBox amp with cab and all of that is mic'd thru a Samson USB Meteor mic
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My Instrument
My #1 guitar is one of my custom (made by me) guitars. It is what I call a Tele/Strat (which is a telecaster body and neck with stratocaster hardware) . It is an S-S-H configuration with a very decent no name whammy bar. The body is alder, the neck is maple and the color is white pearl essence which displays a great rainbow effect when bright lights reflect off of it.