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DavidCoile | Rock, Folk and Soul with Finger-style Guitar
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United States of America
Boulder, CO
United States of America
  • Rock
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More About DavidCoile

I didn't care much about music until college. I took a mandatory music history class and suddenly I was collecting everything I could, from the Beatles to the Velvet Underground, from Mississippi John Hurt to Ani DiFranco, from Sam Cooke to Blossom Dearie.

I wasn't more than a passionate explorer until my senior year, when a couple friends and I recorded some a cappella songs for a makeshift holiday gift. Soon we were writing and recording our own original pieces.

Since then, I've become passionate about the depth and breadth of songcraft. Paul Simon, Otis Redding, Tom Waits, Willie Dixon, John Lennon, Smokey Robinson, Richard Thompson-- these, among others, are my idols.

Someday, I hope to write songs with half the power, grace and charm of these giants. Until then, I'll just scratch away at my guitar and bellow out some catchy tunes here and there... maybe entertain a few folks along the way.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

My first time busking, I didn't understand the idea of sweetening the pot, so I had my guitar case open, but no money in it. Nobody was donating anything. Finally, a lady came along and walked past, then turned around and dropped a few coins in. I was so shocked, I stopped playing and stared at her, and she stared back, and I finally said, "Thanks!" and she walked off. Awkward...

Embarrassing Moment

I was supposed to meet another singer-songwriter at this pub to do an open mic and decide if we wanted to team up. We had some time to kill, so we went out back and played some tunes for each other and people on the patio were grooving to it. Now, this particular open mic had a drum set available for people doing the open mic, so this guy asks if he can drum to some of my songs. Not that he was a drummer or anything, but I said okay. So the open mic was running way behind and we didn't end up getting on until 12:30 in the morning-- about 90 minutes after we were expecting. He got on the drums and I hooked up my guitar... but my guitar wouldn't work. I had just bought a new guitar with a built in pick-up, and I had let my battery die without a spare handy. They miked my guitar, and I started singing, but nobody (including me) could hear my guitar over the drums, and his drumming was drunken and awful! It was frustrating at the time, but it was also kind of fun...