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Danny Campo
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United States of America
United States of America
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More About Danny Campo

My name is Danny Campo I grew up playing the bars and clubs in and around the New Orleans and Gulf Coast area. Currently I am playing private and corporate gigs year round.

I perform live guitar and vocals to backing tracks that I have personally arranged within BIAB software.

I plan to do a Street Jelly show or two each month throughout the year with 100% of proceeds/tokens received going to a charity announced at the start of each month, leaning heavily towards "Tunnel to Towers" a charity who builds smart homes and pays of mortgages for our disabled and deceased military and 1st responders. I promise to "almost" never do repeat shows as I have nearly 2000 songs from numerous genres in my ever growing (I try to learn new songs every week) repertoire.

I would be honored to have you in my audience, please drop in and say hi when you get a chance. Thanks!
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Never performed in the streets but many times on the street, Bourbon Street in Nawlins. Lots of stories about funny incidents from many years playing the bar, dives, assorted private parties and yes even a few classy gigs.

Embarrassing Moment

I used to have embarrassing moments when I was younger, but I think I have finally reached an age where I can't be embarrassed anymore . . . now I guess I just embarrass others.

My Instrument

Many guitars, including 1st Issue Gibby ES 330, a couple of Gibby Blues Hawks signed for me by BB King, a Guild signed for me by George Strait, a Fender Strat and a G&L Tele, an Ibanez arch Big Box Jazz all in maple, an Ibanez Classical electric acoustic, and my composing guitars an electric acoustic Ovation, Martin thin body acoustic/electric, a Washburn Acoustic/Electric Resonator and newest addition a Dean Polished Aluminum Resonator. And too many PA systems to talk about, LOL!

Plus after 60 years and 10 hurricanes or so I tracked down my first guitar an acoustic "something" more than 75 years old. More about this later.

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