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Damian | Truegrass Americana from the midwest
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United States of America
United States of America
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Me play music, me have fun. This is not a competition to me I do not concern myself with stats and numbers I just do what I do and I am thankful. I would rather reach one person that listens to me music then 1000 who do not. I am a strong believer in self monitoring and self censorship during my shows, so behave like adults please. Enjoy and be well. 100% Americana Born music from Wyoming.

Endorsments: Deering Banjo's, Pig Hog cables, GoldTone instrument, Dovetail guitar strings, and G7th Capo's. I only use products I believe in and they in turn believe in me. Currently use BLUE mics and Not endorsed by martin guitars yet. But I sure do use them. LOL

Message me on facebook if you have questions. I will respond quick like. Many thanks to Frank and Martina Podlaha for a great venue. Be well folks.
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