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Cool Pink One | California Strings - Violin Style
Cool Pink One
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United States of America
Roseville, California
United States of America
  • Folk
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More About Cool Pink One

Lifetime lover of music. As young as 4 years old, I had my record collection and record player. I have never stopped collecting, loving, dancing and singing. I have alway wanted to make and share music.

I have finished my 4th year of violin. I am mostly self taught, and I am doing okay. My heart is full and happy as my lists of tunes grows.

At first learning and playing classic tunes was my passion, but those celtic, Irish, and fiddle tunes crept up and made me so happy, I couldn't resist. Gospel, folk, and country have been added to my lists that I can play now.

Violinists and Street Jelly musicians have opened up a world to me of sounds, love and friendship.

Thank you to all the nice musicians here at Street Jelly who have been so kind to me. I hope to sharpen up my show and entertain you as you have been entertaining me. I can't wait to meet more of you all and see more shows.

Music is truly the light in the dark and LIVE MUSIC HERE WITH FRIENDS ROCKS!!

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Best moment so far is when a younger man showed up at my door selling something and I showed in with violin in hand. I was only a few years into playing. He asked me to play for him after I had turned him down from whatever he was that he was selling. I normally say no to that request.. Then I said "sure" and launched a shaky God Father theme. He loved it.

Embarrassing Moment

It hasn't happened yet!

My Instrument

As of June 2016 I have been playing mostly on a Ming Jiang Zhu 905 violin. She is simply Ming and she has opened up some sound for me and really motivated me to slowly pull out good sound from her. ***UPDATE - 2019 and the violin is amazing as ever. I bought it from - the best shop in the world.

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