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Cecilee | A Girl, Her Piano, and Her Songs
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United States of America
United States of America
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I'm Cecilee and I'm an piano/electronic singer/songwriter from Virginia. My music encompasses several genres:

Synth pop
Piano pop
French pop/variété française

In short, if you like artists like Charlotte Martin, Regina Spektor, Mylène Farmer, Zazie, Pet Shop Boys, Goldfrapp, Moby.... You'd like my music!

I consider my music "electronic music with a heart." My produced music is synth pop with thought-provoking lyrics you might expect in a standard singer/songwriter format. And since I write and sing in French, you'll even hear me sing in the language of Molière!

As for my goals, I just want to share my work with anyone who's willing to give it a listen. I make music because I love it!
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

My most favorite gig ever was at the Malelani Café in Philadelphia. A longtime fan got me the gig and he was there with a friend, then one of my online-only friends showed up too! Only a few others stayed throughout the night, so it wasn't a full house, but I was playing to a small crowd who was super appreciative and who loved my songs. Best. Gig. Ever! (Well, so far! :D)

Embarrassing Moment

One time while performing a French song, I flubbed the lyrics! I was performing to an English-speaking audience, so I just made something up in French that I knew would go with the melody. I sang the equivalent in French of, "I do not remember the lyrics to this part, so I am making this up off the top of my head and I hope you like it." (J'ai oublié les paroles/Qu'est-ce que je dois chanter/Alors j'invente ces paroles/J'espere que ça te plaîra!)

And I don't think anyone noticed!

My Instrument

For acoustic shows, I play a Yamaha DGX-230 keyboard and I use a vocal processor (DigiTech Vocal 200) to add some reverb to my sung vocals.

For electronic shows, I use the Novation Launchpad app, which allows me to live mix my songs while I sing over it. Before the show, I program all the drums, play all the synths, and sing all the background vocals in Logic, then it all gets mixed together live while you watch as I sing using my vocal processor!

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