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New Brunswick
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When Carla Bonnell hits the stage, expect to be entertained, educated on proper Maritimes slang, and have your musical senses dazzled at the depth of soul in her own compositions. Carla has played for the many and the few throughout her professional career. Her sets are often mixed with her own songs and some of her and her fans favorite covers. Being a water sign, she is quite mutable, and will often change her set while on stage if she senses the vibe of her audience is craving a certain mood for the evening.
Carla is not only an independent artist she’s also a patreon of the arts as well. In June of 2017 she launched HGB Canada Radio which was known as Hidden Gems Broadcasting in its early days. She hosts a weekly show for artists “Carla’s Coffee House” that is recorded live on the air and then sent out to other radio stations on syndication, and published throughout 10 online podcast platforms such as Apple and Google.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Playing outside is always a bit of a challenge. I was playing an outdoor venue when a mosquito landed on my arm, and I'm one of those people that can't stand being bit by a bug. So midstream into the song, and I was playing guitar, I managed to squash the bugger dead and keep on strumming without missing a beat. I think the audience thought it was some new cool move.

Embarrassing Moment

For me, there is nothing more embarrassing that forgetting the words to your own song, especially when your fans know the words better than you and can quickly point out that you mixed up the verses, or forgot a line!

My Instrument

My very first instrument was a big old stand up piano. I took classical piano lessons as a kid. When I moved into a mobile home as an adult the 500 lbs piano moved in with me. We did renovations to the trailer over the years, and when it was time to leave the home, we couldn't get the piano out. We ended up dismantling it :( It had real ivory keys and was made in the 1800's.

My first ever guitar, purchased from Sears, I gave to my uncle who loved the hummingbirds on it. At the time of his passing he still had that guitar.

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