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Brother Dan
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United States of America
Carson City, NV
United States of America
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More About Brother Dan

I'm a lifelong professional musician, whose career was interrupted due to liver failure caused by Hepatitis C. I discovered Street Jelly while I was sick, and was able to continue to play music when I was feeling well enough to do so.

Six years after I flatlined, had three comas, and moved across the country to improve my chances, I received a liver transplant on June 2, 2015.

Life is good! I'm so happy to be able to return to performance form. Along with live local performances, I schedule weekly livestream performances so I can share my joy of life with people across the world.

I play acoustic guitar and sing. No computers, no loopers, no special effects. My repertoire is large and varied, so our shared musical journey may take us unexpected places.

Come on, let's take a little trip!!
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I spent the weekend playing at a street festival in a college town with a buddy. On the way out of town, the van broke down. We decided my buddy would hitchhike back home (2.5 hours away), pick up our check from the previous week, and return the next day. He was picked up by a guy frying on acid (that's another story), while I prepared to sleep in the van.

I saw the lights of a gas station across a field, so I climbed the fence and went to get some refreshments. I decided to call a girl I knew while I was there (this was pre-cell phones). She came to pick me up. After dinner, she snuck me into the girls' dorm (all of the girls were in on it). Girls guarded the shower room door while I showered and cleaned up, and I was the sheik of the harem for the evening. Girls brought me beers, entertained me, and I had a nice bed to sleep in with my girlfriend for the evening.

That's the stuff dreams are made of! My buddy and I still chuckle about it once in a while ...

Embarrassing Moment

I wrote a song titled "Fishnet Stockings," and for the CD release party I had some girls (dubbed the "BroDan-cers") choreograph a dance to go with it. For the show, I donned fishnets, too.

It was tough to pull off (especially with my parents in the audience), but I'll do anything for a laugh, and a friend put it into perspective by saying ... "it's only kinky the first time!"

Just remember ... and you can say it with me ...

"It's not ME that's strange. The rest of the world needs to change!"

My Instrument

**Update: I've left my old info below, but I've added two Takamines that I play at gigs, as I love their electronics!

** I have three acoustic guitars, and each has its own special appeal.

My main gig guitar is a 1974 Martin D28. I play it hard in an aggressive style.

My second guitar is a parlor-sized Larrivee. I've ridden across the US on my motorcycle with it strapped to my back, and take it on my European tours because it fits in the overhead compartment. It's a great instrument, but requires a much different and softer touch than my Martin.

My baby is a 1965 Guild D35 with a mahogany top. It's delicate, so I have it stored in a safe place and rarely play it anywhere other than at home or in the studio when I record. It's had major repair work done twice, because the head stock has broken off that many times. Once, it fell over while in its case and broke, and the other time it was blown off its stand just a couple of minutes before I was scheduled to open for Three D

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