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Bob Goldstick | Classic Rock Piano Dr. John Tribute
Bob Goldstick
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United States of America
Los Gatos, CA
United States of America
  • Blues
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Bob Goldstick -

I am piano man who has played everywhere you can think of. I've played in elementary school shows, Hollywood musicals; piano bars in New York City, Paris, and San Francisco; blues, jazz, and rock-n-roll bands around the country and hundreds of nursing homes.

This show is my interpretation of rock classics with a lot more stuff.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I was playing in Seaside, Oregon when a guy walking by was so overcome with the music he started dancing in the middle of the street stopping traffic (it's a small street with slow one-way traffic so nobody got hurt). Pretty soon he had about 15 people dancing with him including some of the drivers and passengers from the cars waiting. I started to worry about the situation and finished up the song, which was hard to do because everyone was having so much fun. I've had lots of people dance before, but never to the point where they stopped traffic.

My Instrument

I perform on a Melodica (or Melodium) depending on who makes it, witch is a combination of an accordian and harmonica - you blow like a harmonica and has a keyboard like an accordian. I never considered it to be a "real" instrument but usually had to play occasionally. I was in New York City playing the hammered dulcimer in Central Park by day and going to the opera by night and living my dream, when my hammered dulcimer was stolen and I was stuck in the city with only a melodica. So I started playing in the subways and in the park and had a great time just playing melodies from all styles of music. Lots of European and Latin music. Lots of great jazz standards. Lots of simple rock 'n roll from the 50's and 60's. I even throw in some Hendrix and Nirvana just to make things interesting.

I hooked up a contact pick-up last year and, hello, it's a new ballgame. I am just starting to play with sound so time will tell where it will go

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