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Billy G | Fiddler beginner, but getting there!
Billy G
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United Kingdom
Brora, Scotland
United Kingdom
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Long time guitarist (40+ years). Some keyboard and low-whistle. Song writer. Four or so years back got my hands on an old fiddle, but it had a lot of "issues" the worst of which was its stability - the tuning would drift noticeably over the period of say 30 minutes playing.... so I gave up after 4 months messing with it. I still have it, and have started to understand exactly WHY it behaved like this, and I suspect some minor surgery will resurrect it into a more playable form.

Finally, in March this year (2014) I got myself an electric violin, to practice fingering and intonation - much better! Then come July I purchased a new acoustic - it (and hopefully my playing as well) sounds better every day.... OK - I exaggerate - but I'm getting there !
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