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Big_Don_Sbragia | Putting The Smooth In Your Groove
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United States of America
Salem, Oregon
United States of America
  • Blues
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More About Big_Don_Sbragia

Hi, I'm Big Don Sbragia! I started playing at 14, way back in 1974,then joined the Army for more than a few years and didn't have much opportunity to play. After medical retirement at 100% disabled, I had plenty of time. So, I've been playing seriously since about 2012.That's when I bought my first electric, too. Now I have... more than a few. A little known factoid... I once played with (meaning, sharing venues, not being in the band) with a group called Seafood Mama, who went on to become Quarterflash. Good times. :-)
I spent about 2 years busking in Las Vegas, and that was an interesting time. But it helped me refine my style and my playing. I'm sure not the best, but I'm better than I was last week, and next week... yep. We all keep growing and learning.
Thanks for checking me out. I hope you enjoy. I wanna put the smooth in your groove, the pep in your step, and the funk in your trunk! Whatever that means... :-)
Oh, that weird link? It's a link to my FREE music on Onedrive.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Busking in Las Vegas included too many crazy moments to list. But just some... turf wars, drunk people, drunk people, drunk people, and did I mention drunk people? Drunk people who feel they have the need and right to manhandle your equipment? Yeah, fun times. But I learned much!

Embarrassing Moment

I don't think I've had an embarrassing moment, as I don't embarrass easily, but.... I've had some "glitches".... probably the most memorable one was, back in the 1990's, when I played quite a bit of gospel music. I was performing in a church, and my non-churching father in law at the time came. He loudly proclaimed, "This is a nice f***ing church!" Which, incidentally, may explain how the sound guy "accidentally" erased my backing TAPE (ancient history here...) but I did the set with just my acoustic.

My Instrument

Presently, I have a few guitars... Baby, my Breedlove 12 string, Big Red, my Epi Dot, Snakebite, my Takamine 6 string, Rosie 5, my Epiphone Les Paul,, Lil' Monster, my Hondo superstrat, Woody, my Peavey fretless bass, Scarelette, my Ibanez Artcore jazzbox, and, last but not least, Bluesy McBluesface, my HomeBuilt SG, WarMachine, my BC Rich Warlock, and FyreByrd, my Xaviere Tele clone.
Which is my favorite? All of 'em..... :-)