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Bazz Atlas | "Songwriter - Ballads, Rock, Country, R&B"
Bazz Atlas
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United States of America
Washington, DC
United States of America
  • Vocal
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More About Bazz Atlas

Bazz wrote his first songs at 13, led his high school Folk Music Club & organized a show with 14 acts. He wrote songs to his college roommate's lyrics, while studying composition.

His first original band featured both his own lyrics & music. The Ground Zero Band (GZB) played clubs in Washington DC and released a single. "Bazz Atlas", the band, produced an EP.

After collaborating on show tunes in 2006, for theater song-cycle MEMORY & DESIRE, Atlas went on to record 40+ songs he'd written over decades, for CDs RHYTHM & BLOOD - 2007, COUNTRY DISCOMFORT - 2008.

After a brief 2009 stint writing & adapting songs & pieces for film in 2009-10, Bazz began to explore and record cover songs by his favorite writers, including John/Taupin, Elvis Costello, Jagger/Richards, Springsteen, Bowie, Roxy Music/Brian Ferry, recorded LIBERTIES TAKEN in 2009, and re-recorded 14-song album COME TO THINK OF IT - spanning 30+ years of his songs..
Fun Stuff about the Artist

My Instrument

Bought my first decent guitar, a Yamaha acoustic, paid for by summer work inhaling oil-based paint fumes while painting shelves in a tuxedo-rental shop. Must have gotten just enough brain damage to try writing and performing my own songs for decades afterwards.