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Barry Nelson | Blues singer & songwriter
Barry Nelson
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United States of America
Nashville, Tennessee
United States of America
  • Blues
  • Vocal
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

When I first came to Nashville I met a street musician named Dave. He was an old blues player and I used to cover for him so he could take breaks and not lose his spot. I learned a lot from that man.

Embarrassing Moment

When I was 14 I performed my first real live gig. Our stage was a hay wagon and we played at a campground. My mind went blank and I froze. I did manage to recoup and finish the show, but it was that moment I knew I had to learn to overcome stage fright.

My Instrument

Epiphone Dove Pro , NJS firebird semi hollowbody , ADM classical guitar

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Merry Christmas!
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