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Barry Nelson
Barry Nelson
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United States of America
Nashville, Tennessee
United States of America
  • Blues
  • Rock
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singer/songwriter, guitar,piano,viola
Fun Stuff about the Artist

My Instrument

Epiphone Dove Pro , 1948 Fischer Piano , fender squier hard tail strat , 16.5 Viola

When I was a teen, I was loaned a gibson dove for a week from our local music store. I always knew that was the guitar for me. While my Dove is an epiphone, it is a dove and Ive rekindled my love for it. I call her Dee.

Voodoo Child is my strat. other than some adjustments to the set up and the addition of chrome volume/tone knobs, it is a stock guitar.

My viola is named Anastasia. she is a 16.5 cecilio . when she is playing fiddle tunes, she goes by Annie.

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“Bravo, Bravo!”
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“You made my heart sing.”
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“Thanks for playing my song.”
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“I bow to your Godliness.”
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“I love and support your charity.”
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Merry Christmas!
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