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AndyGetch | singer-songwriter
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United States of America
Fort Myers, FL
United States of America
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More About AndyGetch

As of October 2017 I have played over 100 different original songs, and am grateful to those who listen on While I primarily play original songs, SJ is a wonderful place to try out some new material and to hone my performance skills, sometimes with songs written by friends or major label covers by artists that I admire.

Pete Benson and I belong to and play at ACMA and Alliance For The Arts in the local area. Also I paint, ride a bicycle or walk where I can, do a little yoga, and am a vegan.

I write a song a week or so in various groups. About five months of the year I am writing a song every day or two. These challenges have helped me learn to write the bones of a song and know when and what to polish, or to just move on. For more about me, check out my SJ blog post about performing original songs on SJ, or my links.

Andy Getch
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I have a Voyage-Air guitar with a folding neck. The bolt for the neck doubles as a strap button. Over time the movement of the strap loosens the neck bolt, raises the action and the guitar strings go flat. Playing a singer-songwriter circle at the Americana Community Music Association in front of experienced songwriters, mid-song the neck bolt popped out. I picked up the bolt, screwed it back in and finished the song. They thought I meant to do it and suggested I put that in my act.

Embarrassing Moment

Just one? The candidates are: Muffing the B-minor chord on my first two open mic songs. Botched a song written by a friend in front of her. My bosses boss shows up at a gig and waves. Forgetting the words to a song I wrote about my wife. Dropping my Voyage-Air guitar on concrete. Banging my Taylor 410 on a piece of wood. Both resulting in cracks. Having an open mic soundman criticize my Epiphone John Lennon signature EJ160CE/VC guitar with the piezo pickup, which needs steel strings to amplify and didn't pickup the phosphor bronze strings recommended by the local guitar store. Playing a song about a person in front of that person. Taking my Baby Taylor to a music fest then going to an open onstage jam strapless and having to hold the guitar with my right elbow. Then forgetting the words to King of The Road which I have sang hundreds of times.

My Instrument

My first guitar was a $20 Silvertone ordered from Sears in 1968. A red/orange sunburst 608 judging from the one surviving picture. The bout cracked, likely on the way back and forth to lessons in the Pennsylvania winter. Family moved to Florida, moved around locally a few more times and somewhere along the way the guitar didn't make it. No one can remember what happened to it. It may have been handed down to a relative. A few years ago I saw one like it in an antique mall for $100 and bought it. Now it hangs in my grandsons room. Once in a while I play it.

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