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I was introduced to piano when my father bought a piano in 1978. I used to watch my sister and her boyfriend play and when I was asked at my Sunday School if anyone could play an instrument, I said I could (I hadn't touched it at that point), so I was asked to play at the next Sunday service, which I subsequently did, much to my mother's surprise. I started having lessons in 1980 with Mr Derringer, who played the piece for me and when I was unable to copy him, he said he would start at that point. It was then he realised I was playing by ear, so he told me to learn all the scales and started to teach me Grade 3 piano, followed by grade 5 then started Grade 7 when I left Liverpool for Scotland. During this time, I Preformed on stage and radio and was even involved in the Eisteddfod, in Wales. I finally got my own piano about 15 or 20 years ago and have been playing classical music ever since.