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7000feetintheair | "Now, is what we have been given!"
United States of America
Santa Fe, New Mexico
United States of America
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Only life endangers death. Nothing ever stays the same. From the beating of all hearts, to the cosmic skies above. The silence in my mind was the only place that I could not hide, the drops of gold that are in our veins, they're always there, they're what remains. The future in the past = the same. It's only now again. It's Holy Now Again. I don't feel alone, or the pain anymore. Now that I've found my way back home. I haven't "passed away." I just tuned to another vibration. You know I'm with you, that's everything to me.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

On the Full Metal Jacket Tour in 1994 with Criss. We finished the show in Quebec around 1am. As we boarded the tour bus in the parking lot of the venue a blizzard was just beginning and we had a long drive so the decision was made not to sign autographs that night. Well, the fans were not having any of that. They surrounded the bus and started to push it back and forth almost tipping it over, got up on one side several times, ad of course the decision to leave was changed :)

Embarrassing Moment

I guess my last performance at the Launchpad. I was playing along with some pre-recorded tracks
and I started the second song twice,,, after I explained to the audience which song I was going to play and who wrote it,, I started the pre-recorded 2nd song! Oh Well! :) perfectly imperfect.

My Instrument

Bass, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Vocals
My First Electric Bass was a 1975 Fender Precision. It was eventually chopped in half by my girlfriend at the time. My favorite instrument is probably drums cause I like the workout :)