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-- Having fun with friends who love music "like I do" is what it's all about for me; whether I'm listening to other performers or playing myself, the fellowship has been great.

Enjoying doing my own thing being a "free spirit" and thankful to have a peaceful place to display my musical art "live" ... when I feel like playing. No competition here.

I've been performing publicly most of my life but at this stage in my musical journey, as I grow closer to retirement, I'm finding personal satisfaction volunteering with my music. I feel like I can make a difference in the lives of people who are down and out or just feel forgotten.

Music is peace and life..
Thank you for stopping by!
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My Instrument

My grandfather sent me home with my grandmother's "Kay" guitar when I was 7. Seeing it hanging on the wall was more than he could bear after she passed away. (I think he knew I was the grandchild who would sneak and try to reach up to strum it as it hung on the wall) That guitar changed my life and sparked a dream of playing professionally. It all came true :) Music rescued me.... sound familiar?

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