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United States of America
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Music is my life. I enjoy playing everything from Hank Williams to Lady gaga and have been performing publicly most of my life.. It's been really great to hanging out in this friendly atmosphere on the web with friends and other musicians, playing and just having fun!

As a kid, I had a lot of fun creating sound on sound. recordings on my grandfather's old "reel to reel" tape recorders, playing other instruments and singing harmonies. At the present, I use a 24 track stand alone recorder, a yamaha keyboard workstation, various acoustic and electric instruments to create the sounds harmonies I hear in my head.

"It's only when listeners enjoy and are touched through the music.... that I am satisfied as an artist."

Thank you for stopping by!

2_cats (cheryl)

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My Instrument

My grandfather sent me home with my grandmother's "Kay" guitar when I was 7. Seeing it hanging on the wall was more than he could bear after she passed away. (I think he knew I was the grandchild that would sneak and try to strum it) That guitar changed my life and sparked a dream of playing professionally. It all came true :) Music rescued me.... sound familiar?

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