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Fabio Santangelo | The Italian Bluesman
Fabio Santangelo
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Vigevano, Lombardy
  • Blues
  • Instrumental
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More About Fabio Santangelo

Fabio Santangelo is a Keyboardist from Italy. Grown up in the Gospel choirs and in love with the Blues since his younger days, Fabio has developed an unique keyboard technique that gives new dimension to synthesizer performance. Using only synths, vocoders and keytar, Fabio will deliver you exquisite instrumentals. A new way to play the good old Blues.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

As composer I tried all my life to get signed. After many disappointing deals, I was forced to throw away all my music. Had tons of things I composed since early 90's, but after the latest deal, I got into trouble with copyright. Had an advice that sounded like "you're infringing Fabio Santangelo's rights." Yes, infringed my own copyright. After nearly one year of struggle I managed to take off my music from stores and to avoid further problems I decided to throw away all my old stuff and restart from scratch. This is also the reason why in the last years I disappeared from Street Jelly several times.
But well... Now it should be ok, and I'm back with new stuff the good old way. Mixing Electronic and Blues, like it was at the very beginning.

Embarrassing Moment

Years ago had an accident and broke a finger on my right hand. That weekend had to play at a wedding. When I got to the church with my elegant outfit and this huge cast on my right hand the weds got in panic. But I managed to play with just 3 fingers on right hand and everything went fine. We still laugh at it after several years.

My Instrument

For my music I use different synths with different features. Never named my instruments, but still love them like they're my girlfriends.

-Roland BK3 (Backing Tracks Synth)
-Roland Juno-DS (Solo Synth)
-Roland VP-7 (Vocal Synth)
-Roland AX-Synth (Live Keytar)

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