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Eric - Multi Music
“The Music Festival” 
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“The Music Festival”
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Eric | Multi Music
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Corralejo. Fuerteventura
  • Alternative
  • Folk
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More About Eric

Serious music addict
INSTRUMENTS: Spanish guitar, piano, flute, bass, aerophone, ukulele, electric guitar, whistle, timple, celtic flute and I'll mix it all up with a looper.
STYLES: ABBA to ZAPPA, classical to hiphop, originals and covers in any style and try not to repeat any version, life's too short. I do take requests but only before the show, not during. You can find the repertoire list and more info on my official website, search for eric corralejo
BIO: Born in Holland, lives in Spain but all that doesn't matter. Music connects us all, makes us all equal and brings out the best in all of us.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I started playing on the street shortly after my voice broke.
As I had difficulty pitching I used to sweep my voice up and down trying to find the right note.
After the first song the manager of the shop I was standing in front of came out, gave me some money and told me to play in front of his competition.

Embarrassing Moment

I was to play for a fancy dinner party with some soft chill out instrumental music in the back round.
After the soundcheck, while I went to grab something to eat some young kid fingers played around with the settings.
When I switched the amplifier on all hell broke loose. I was young and panicked and touched every control except the right one, resulting in a bizarre cacophony.
In the ghastly silence afterwards I felt all eyes burning in my back and as in a dream I turned round and lifted up my guitar as if to present the experimental composition.
I'll never forget the ripple of applause

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