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More About luv_to_practice

Hi i am michele v. i have a creative ability to build an at home studio in the making...i like sound engineering , and creative design. the most. i am a practicing musician. i sing, play piano, guitar, and drums when i can. its a hobby for me that i do for fun, and to express myself with. i like to couple software with real rig equip. i am in a constant build state in my studio. i am into gear talk and new ideas. if u have any please share. always open to new ideas from folks. i like 80s pop, rock, and metal, and some 60s stuff. i am in no band or desire it. I ALSO LIKE TO SING KARAOKE, AND CAN TAKE REQUESTS FROM MY FANS TO ENTERTAIN YOU FOR A BIT.

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

i have never performed on the street, however i live in the city on the water and see people doing it outside of my apartment.

My Instrument

i use jacksons only guitars i have 7 of them with more coming . i like to collect guitars and re-do the wiring and pots for pickups. i am into guitar pickups. i sing, play guitar, piano/synth, and drums when i can. i own yamaha pianos, yamaha digital drums. i also like to collect celestion speakers in sealed cabs. i use sub boxes, and mic the sound out to desktop speakers that are numerous all over studio. due to i live in a apartment and celestions can be loud. there so dynamic tho and i like using them to capture articulation into other smaller speakers, surrounded around my studio. i use bias grid software for overdrive guitar coupled with real gear. out the simulated jack on the amp heads. i also use shreddage srp software for guitar on keyboard. i am more into the technical side of music. and have a passion for understanding the details that go into a rig setup. i prob. would do well in setting up rigs for bands, and making sure everything is good to go. my gear never leaves home.