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Justie | Justie- pianoman and singer songwriter
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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More About Justie

I'm a seasoned live and studio musician and recording artist having played in many pop cover bands, and played in six folk dance bands. Although my music can be found on iTunes and Amazon Music, my heart is in entertaining people though live shows and that is why i'm here on Street Jelly :)
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Embarrassing Moment

In my late teens I went to a private 'Jonny Cash' gig, yes the real Mcoy! Although I hadn’t heard of him; but was told the music would be at the secret gig would be excellent . End of the gig I had a chance to chat with him and his wife – but when I spoke to Jonny I said ‘your music and your story and journey was amazing to listen to but, until today I’ve never heard of you’ .. as you can imagine Johnny was surprised and gave me a weird and embarrassed ‘erm okay!’.
Another time when I was in Liaison Pop Tribute group we were alternating sets with 70's pop group 'Boney M' at Jumping Jacks in Southampton; and we were told by the organisers we sounded much better than them; gaining the audience's claps and hails for an encore!

My Instrument

I learnt piano from age 8 and progressed to play accordion and then play and program synthesisers; bar singing keyboards are my main instrument. I also learnt to play traditional percussion for folk music from an early age progressing to a drum kit with tutorials from a good college friend eons ago it seems!

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